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Highly likely to recommend
9/29/2016 - Sarah B.

We absolutely LOVED working with Tim and his team on our house purchase. He was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and super responsive to all of our questions and concerns. We loved how he challenged us to think about our priorities to find a home that truly was the best fit for us, and gently guided us to evaluate our expectations, preferred house styles, renovation possibilities, and what would serve our family well TODAY as well as 5 years from now.

We put offers on two houses before we bought our home, and Tim was SO helpful to us as we navigated the emotional rollercoaster of writing offers and "losing out" on houses we loved. We really can't say enough good about him, and recommend him to all of our friends!

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1710 21st Road., N Arlington

The service we received was exceptional.  We are happy to declare that Jesse helped us in finding the right home for us. We appreciate his patience and encouragement when we sort of gave up in finding the right home.  It was very helpful in having Jesse alongside us in navigating such a difficult market as the DC housing market.  We also recognize the efforts of Tom and Tim who were happy to step in for viewings when Jesse was unavailable! Thanks to everyone at Real Estate in DC.

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1133 Seventh Street, NE

Tom was more than a real estate agent; he was our partner throughout the entire home buying process. From the start, he was interested in understanding what our needs and desires were-- what we needed both functionally and emotionally in a home-- and always remained true to these. Indeed, unlike many agents, he always had our best interests in mind and never hesitated to say when a home was not for us. His advice was always spot-on, making him the trusted partner one needs when looking to buy a home.All of Tom's teammates conduct their business with the same mentality: the client is always their top priority. In the rare instances where Tom was not immediately available, Jesse, Jason or another of Tom's associates would quickly step forward to provide us with anything we needed. It is a true team operation. All were knowledgeable, trustworthy and genuinely care about their clients.

Tom was the constant joy in what was sometimes a stressful process. His humor, style and knowledge are unparalleled in the area. Any real estate agent could have helped us find a house, but Tom helped us find our house. Take it from both an experienced buyer who has just found her real home, as well as from a first-time home-buyer, Tom and his associates are gems. We would trust no one else, and would recommend their services far and wide.

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Capitol Hill, Washington DC 

We recently purchased a condo in San Francisco to be near our sons and grandchildren. After that purchase, we returned to DC to sell our home of 35 years. The difficult decisions had already been made. What we really needed was a realtor who could make it happen. Tom Faison filled the bill in every  way. He encouraged us as we began downsizing and arranged to show the house in its best light. Sparkling clean windows on a sunny weekend brought in 6 offers after 6 days on the market, but that was just the beginning. When 2 contracts were withdrawn, Tom rose to the occasion, managed the signing and un-signing of numerous documents, and got us on our flight to San Francisco on time. This sale was a very stressful for everyone, but Tom’s confidence that everything would work out kept us functioning at a normal level.

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1019 Florida Ave, NE

When we were selecting a realtor to partner with to sell our first home, we were focused on sales record and area expertise.  Tom Faison was the obvious choice.  From staging to pricing, to the logistics of dealing with showings around our toddler's nap schedule, Tom's instincts and guidance were spot-on. What we could have never expected that we would need was a steady counselor when we hit title issues in the days before Settlement. Striking the balance between a sounding board and a negotiation coach, Tom kept the buyers at the table throughout the delays and kept us sane.

We won't hesitate to work with Tom and his team for our next real estate transaction.

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615 K Street, NE

I chose Tom  and Jesse as my realtors because, of the four agents I interviewed, he seemed most in tune with today's real estate market. After patting myself on the back numerous times for making such a good decision, I can truly say it was a pleasure to work with Tom and I highly recommend him.

My home required improvements which varied from extensive work to small tweaks to prepare the property for market. Tom did a fantastic job of managing it all: finding the right contractors, negotiating their contracts for me and then ensuring the work was done to his very high, perfectionist, standards. And after all that was done, then his "real" job started with helping me choose the right listing price, marketing the property to other agents and the public and numerous other behind-the-scene activities to prepare for the open house .

The house was on the market for one week. I received three offers and closed 35 days later for above my asking price. Now that is real estate success. Some people complain about paying real estate agent fees. Not me. Tom is worth his weight in gold.