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What Our Clients Are Saying

Jeha - 10/26/2016

We feel so fortunate to have had Justin Tanner as our realtor for our first home purchase and cannot more highly recommend him and the Tom Faison Group. Justin went above and beyond his duties as a realtor and was always anticipating homes and neighborhoods that might be a good fit for us. His insight into the DC housing market was invaluable. It was so helpful for him to walk through a home with us and point out numerous potential renovation projects or problems which we would not have previously considered. Justin is a tireless negotiator and he put our needs first even after the seller accepted our offer. And no matter what time of the day or late night, he never rushed our conversations and answered all our questions. We appreciated that he showed us so many different homes in various conditions and price points so we could see the full potential of each home. What stands out is Justin’s commitment to the entire home buying and home ownership process. After having moved in, he is so willing to help out with questions or small fixes. We are thrilled to have had such a smooth process and are recommending Justin to every potential buyer/seller we know.

Justin Sok - 10/26/2016

The guys at Real Estate in DC are top notch. Justin and Tim were great in working with us from day one of our 18 month search for a house in DC. There were several challenging situations with sellers and offers, but Justin and Tim were there to walk us through the decision. They understood our priorities, worked with us to find the right fit for our family. In particular the house we ended up buying was a short sale, which is fraught with uncertainty. But through the 6 month contract period the guys were incredibly responsive and helpful with every decision. If you are buying or selling, work with the Tom Faison group. They will not disappoint.

Sarah B. - 09/29/2016

We absolutely LOVED working with Tim and his team on our house purchase. He was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and super responsive to all of our questions and concerns. We loved how he challenged us to think about our priorities to find a home that truly was the best fit for us, and gently guided us to evaluate our expectations, preferred house styles, renovation possibilities, and what would serve our family well TODAY as well as 5 years from now.

We put offers on two houses before we bought our home, and Tim was SO helpful to us as we navigated the emotional rollercoaster of writing offers and "losing out" on houses we loved. We really can't say enough good about him, and recommend him to all of our friends!

David A. - 11/02/2016

Tim Barley is a true professional in his field.  We just bought a house with Tim as our agent.  We got exactly what we wanted and got a very good deal.  As we went through the house purchase process, Tim kept us informed about developments and was extremely sharp when it came to writing our offer.  In this market, he is what we needed.  

Although we used Tim as a buyer's agent, my sense is they are even better sellers agents.  I highly recommend this team.

Joshua C. - 01/17/2017

We were actually recommended to Tim Barley and Co. by some friends of ours who had just purchased a home. Looking back on the process as a whole, we couldn't imagine having any other Realtor!

Tim was very patient with us and understood our needs and limitations. We went into the process knowing very little about buying a home, but Tim was there to help us every step of the way by answering our questions and providing a substantial amount of great advice!

When we viewed homes with Tim, he made it a point to show us options of varying prices and neighborhoods so we could better grasp the DC market. This helped us hone in on location and maximum price.

We were thankful to be able to lean heavily on Tim when it came to our offer and negotiating terms. This is where his expertise shined as he navigated us through the muddy waters of difficult sellers. His responses were always more than timely and courteous, and we can't imagine where we'd be if we had gone with anyone else.

Tim truly fought for us and what we wanted in a home and I couldn't recommend him enough!

Patrick C. - 12/16/2016

Another five-star review for the Tom Faison-RE/MAX Allegiance Team!

I listed my Capitol Hill residence with this team knowing that I would get great results. I based this on the ten years I lived there and watched this team list and sell many of my neighbor's properties at very competitive prices in a relatively short period of time.

They have a very focused strategy for getting your property ready, staged, photographed, and promoted that works. We had more people at the open houses that they held and visiting the online listings than any other house on the market in my zip code. Their service is highly professional, personal, and results oriented.

If you need to list your house in DC, go with them! Tom has a very keen and objective sense of your property's value--it's strengths as well as it's weaknesses--so that he can market it to a wide range of prospects that gets the momentum going from the day you meet until the closing.​

Jim Florie and Brad Dummond - 12/07/2016

Capitol Hill, Washington DC

We used Tom Faison and his team to list and sell our home on Capitol Hill. As past clients of Redfin, we felt that we had some loyalty to them, but couldn't resist at least talking to Tom before signing a listing agreement with them. Seeing his signs all over the hill had us intrigued, and we were curious if his neighborhood knowledge would trump the discount that Redfin offers. After meeting with Tom and two of his colleagues, we were convinced that it does. They came prepared with up-to-date data on past sales and active listings, and even stopped at a few active listing on their way to our appointment so that they could accurately compare our home to it's competition. Once the listing agreement was signed, Tom and his team moved quickly to find the best date to list the home, price it competitively, and have it staged to show it's full potential. We felt comfortable having Tom and his colleagues represent the home and the neighborhood during the two open houses -- they knew more about the neighborhood than we did! Within days, we had multiple offers, which Tom helped us review and choose the one that we were all most comfortable with. 30 days later, we had a seamless closing! Tom exceeded our expectations, and we wouldn't hesitate to refer him to our friends and family.

Bobby German - 10/18/2016

Capitol Hill, Washington DC 

We interviewed several agents to list our home of 16 years on Capitol Hill, and we knew right away that Tom was different.  Rather than dropping a couple of de-clutter suggestions, a rough idea of value, and a “call me when you’re ready”, Tom sat and talked about our needs, our wants, and our willingness to let him make those a reality in an inclusive and positive way.  He talked strategy, but also impressed us as an operations guy.  

Within hours of our agreement to work with his team, a load of boxes showed up at our door (just the motivation we needed!) and we were off to the races. Soon after, we had use of his truck, his capable team, his painter, and his window washer. Regular visits with Tom all along the way provided much needed support and suggestions.

Throughout the process, Tom was very open, professional but casual, and very responsive to our questions and needs.  His prep-work and marketing drove an incredible amount of traffic to our home.  In dealing with prospective buyers, Tom served as a steady counselor, striking a balance between sounding board and negotiations coach.

After receiving a house contract in record time, Tom continued to give us carte blanche access to his trove of boxes.  We can't overstate how valuable and convenient that was in prepping for our move.  In the end, we were super pleased with the process, and the services provided by Tom and his team.  Would we use him again?  ABSOLUTELY!!!

Brian Salant and Katixa Aboitiz

Petworth, Washington DC 

We had a great experience with Tim and Justin. We felt they were really responsive and a joy to work with. From the first time we met Tim and Justin we felt like they took the time to get to know us and what we were looking for. They also talked to us about little things they look for in a house, and were very trusted partners throughout the whole process of buying a home (first time home-buyers). Justin and Tim were really responsive, setting up times to see houses on the day they were available, and on the days we requested. Tim is a master negotiator, and helped us get the first house we bid on, we were very impressed. The only thing Tim and Justin might have done more is show us and inform us about new houses coming onto the market. Usually we would search the sites, find houses we liked, and then call them to set up viewing times, which they did quickly and efficiently. All in all we had a great experience, and would surely recommend working with this group. 

Elaine News

Northeast, Washington DC 

We couldn't have been happier with Tom Faison. My husband and I used him as our "buyers agent" I can only speak from that end. He's truly an advocate as well as tough negotiator...and we love him for many more reasons. HE is a totally no-nonsense, straight-shooter, brutally honest, doesn't waste your time, type of guy. His efficiency is exactly what we required. I was moving into DC and needed to find a place ASAP. We literally had one weekend to find a house WITH parking for a growing family. Tom knows Capitol Hill inside and out. The FIRST house he showed us was THE ONE. But, he took us to a half a dozen others just to make sure we had the right house for our family...and honestly all of those options were great as well...he really understood us, our likes and needs in a short amount of time. I could have seen our family in those homes too. Once we decided to put an offer on our new family home...Tom got it done (with other bids) and we closed in a record amount of time. When a few, minor issues later came up from the other side -- he took care of it, while I was trying to move from out of state. We love our home, we love our neighbors and our neighborhood. It's a great place to raise our family and we wouldn't be there without Tom. We refer our friends to him and would definitely use him fact, we're in touch for more opportunities down the line. If you want a warm n' fuzzy realtor, he is not it. If you want someone who gets things done and can make that sale happen for you...then call him. 

Leslie Ascott

Capitol Hill, Washington DC 

Tom is an exceptional real estate agent and I highly recommend him and his team! What makes Tom so exceptional is that he takes the time to truly learn who you are – your personality – and what you’re looking for – flow, entertainment style, etc. – and finds and places you in a house that is a perfect fit. He found my dream home for me by listening to my oftentimes abstractly articulated desires, a particular kind of ambience, a vision of how I saw myself in my home, a certain kind of flow and grandeur, all on a tree-lined, friendly, safe street for a particular price point, which he respected. Tom did such a good job finding me the perfect house that I’ll never sell! (I guess he lost money on me!). And, as a first-time, single-female home buyer new to DC, he held my hand throughout the whole process and afterwards; and, it was a long process as I was unsure about everything. Tom and his team stayed with me. After I moved in, Tom was still there to help me find painters and other contractors and answer any and all questions about home owning that I had. Fifteen years later (I bought my house in 2001), I still rely and call on Tom for his wise advice and recommendations. He never steered me wrong. 

Nick and Kristina Weger

Kingman Park, Washington DC 

We had a great experience both selling and buying a new house with Tom Faison, Tim Barley and Justin Tanner. Their team is extremely knowledgeable about the market and were very patient with us during the entire process. We actually met Tim several months before deciding to sell our home and checked in with him from time to time to get his insights about the market. He was always quick to respond and this was before we were even an official client. Their team went through our house before putting it on the market and made thoughtful suggestions on what types of changes to make to make it more appealing to buyers. We took some of their advice and they didn't push us on the things we chose not to do. We accepted an over-asking offer on our house in Kingman Park after just 4 days on the market. They also helped us buy our next house on Capitol Hill. They helped us through a stressful and competitive process and we ultimately found a four bedroom house within our budget on a fairly quick timeline! We wanted to see a lot of the houses on the market and Tim and Justin were happy to accommodate us at convenient times. They guided us through multiple offers and ultimately helped us negotiate a deal on our dream property (with a seller's credit!). We've stayed in touch with them since buying our home and they've been so helpful in making recommendations for contractors. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. 


Capitol Hill, Washington DC

Tom and his team provide excellent service. When I purchased my home, they were able to find several homes that met my needs and even identified special financing to help me afford the house I ultimately purchased. I was treated so well, that I have since sent many friends and a sibling to Tom and his team to help them find houses in this always hot market. All have had as great an experience as mine and I would not hesitate to send more close friends and family to this RE/MAX team.

Austin Durrer and Jackie Whisman

Capitol Hill, Washington DC 

Tom and his team were great to work with. His knowledge of the Capitol Hill area based on over 25 years pounding the turf was invaluable. I've called on him many times since working with him in 2011 on my first home. He's always been helpful on a range of questions above and beyond what would be expected of a normal realtor, earning my return business and continued respect.

TJ and Jessica Collins

Arboretum, Washington DC 

Tim Barley guided us through our first home purchase. We worked with him for over a year to find the right home and throughout the process he was extremely helpful and patient. Since we were in the market for a fixer upper, we often bounced ideas off of him and found his advice to be very helpful during the process. We didn't feel like he was antsy to sell us a home but instead patiently worked with us to find the right fit. We couldn't be happier with the home buying process and home itself and would recommend Tim to everyone!

Erin Mellinger

Northeast, Washington DC 

Tim Barley greatly helped me through a bizarre rent to buy situation. He handled the situation with perfect finesse. It was as painless as possible, and we ended up getting a huge price reduction to boot! I was so grateful for his subject matter expertise in the incredibly complex DC real estate market. I would use his services again without question.

Natalie Murchison

Eckington, Washington DC 

Justin Tanner and Tim Barley guided me through my first home purchase - a lovely one-bedroom condo in Eckington. After renting for 6 years in DC, I had a strong interest in purchasing when I met the Faison team, and was antsy to dive into the process. During the search Justin and Tim remained even-keeled and attentive as I discovered what I was looking for. They provided advice that bolstered my internal decision making confidence. When it came time to place offers, they worked with impressive speed. In the end, I ended up with a purchase I'm extremely pleased with. It was great to work with this team and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again. 

Amanda Makki

Capitol Hill, Washington DC 

Tom and his team are fantastic. I have been working with them since 2009 and they always had my best interest at heart. I never felt pushed by him or his team, and I felt that he wanted me to get the best house for the best value. I have called on them post-purchase and they have helped me out when I was unable to figure out something with my heater. Great guys, knowledgeable and experts on Capitol Hill.

Carrie Dorean

Brookland, Washington DC 

These guys get the job done! After looking for a year Tim Barley helped us pounce on our perfect house. His strategy and the quick rapport he built with the selling agent got our deal through! Then the Tom Faison team helped us sell our former home for 15% more than we thought we'd get for it! We were completely satisfied with this crew, their knowledge of the market and their savvy choices. 

Micah Dammeyer and Leslie Tullio

Capitol Hill, Washington DC 

This was our 3rd time working with Tom and his team. He is incredibly knowledgeable, highly responsive and a straight shooter. He helped us understand the dynamics of the neighborhood(s) we were buying and selling in and level set our expectations of both. Most importantly, the team made the selling process totally turnkey--from finding and managing contractors to get our house ready for sale to ensuring that everyone (including us!) got paid in the end.

Ed and Margaret Missiaen

Capitol Hill, Washington DC 

We recently purchased a condo in San Francisco to be near our sons and grandchildren. After that purchase, we returned to DC to sell our home of 35 years. The difficult decisions had already been made. What we really needed was a realtor who could make it happen. Tom Faison filled the bill in every  way. He encouraged us as we began downsizing and arranged to show the house in its best light. Sparkling clean windows on a sunny weekend brought in 6 offers after 6 days on the market, but that was just the beginning. When 2 contracts were withdrawn, Tom rose to the occasion, managed the signing and un-signing of numerous documents, and got us on our flight to San Francisco on time. This sale was a very stressful for everyone, but Tom’s confidence that everything would work out kept us functioning at a normal level.

Will and Natalie Stute

Georgetown, Washington DC 

We worked with Tim Barley on our recent home purchase over by Georgetown and he was great to work with every step of the way. He was responsive, incredibly knowledgeable, objective, personable, provided great customer service, and was masterful when it came to the negotiation. Tim provided great  ideas and fantastic referrals and recommendations to consider as we contemplated additional work on the home. Tim was also a great in anticipating various things to consider in purchasing the home and living in our neighborhood. We are more than happy with the end result and very appreciative of Tim's involvement and help as our agent. We would strongly recommend Tim to others looking for a home.

Paul and Molly Singer

Northeast, Washington, DC

Tom is the tri-fecta: smart about the market, responsive, strategic and fun . . . wait that's four . . . anyway. We were very pleased with Tom as an agent, he did great analytics to tell us how to position the property for the best and fastest sale. He took our stressful situation and provide good humor and encouragement. And - he did not burden us with bureaucracy. We appreciated his work immensely

Josef Skoldeberg

Adams Morgan Condo Purchase

Working with Tim Barley was a refreshing experience. His easy going manner and no pressure approach allowed me to get familiar with the DC market at a pace that I felt comfortable with. He took time to educate me not only on the DC market but various aspects of home maintenance and renovations I needed to be aware of to make a wise decision. I have already recommended him to several friends.

Trevor and Krista Kapralos

5715 Lockwood Road

We have a very good review for Real Estate in DC. We dealt almost exclusively with Jesse Hagopian. He helped us buy our home in Cheverly, and he also helped us sell our home in DC. He responded early and often to our numerous emails. He answered every email, every question, and anticipated many questions before we could even ask them. The one time Jesse was out of town, he put us in touch with one of his colleagues, and he stepped in for Jesse while out of town.

Jesse helped us through bidding on several other homes, and helped us through an "almost sale" that eventually fell apart because of a lack of a clean title. He took us to several homes, often at a moment's notice. He helped us find our home in Cheverly.

He guided us through selling our house in DC (our first house sale), and provided a great deal of solid advice. Jesse's experience - and the high point in all of these transactions -was how his experience set us up for seamless sale. When the deadline for the bids had passed, we were in a very strong position, with numerous bids, including one without contingencies, and with a home inspection already completed. His experience made this process almost painless. Jesse guided us through every step of the process, and he was there when we closed on our homes.

Throughout the whole process, it was clear he was interested in us buying the right house for us, and not necessarily the most expensive house. We never felt pressured to consider spending more than we were prepared to spend or to look at a house that would bring him a bigger commission - unless we wanted to look at it 

Scott and Sharon Weiss

1280 21st Street NW

We were very pleased with Tom as our agent. He provided us with great advice as far as staging the house for selling, helped to guide us toward contractors who were able to get the needed work accomplished in order to bring the house to market. He took care of so many details for us and with both of our busy schedules that was a tremendous help. He gave us good advice on the pricing of our home to sell and on the offer we made on the condo we eventually bought. I would gladly recommend Tom.

Ryan Anderson

500 Groff Court, NE

Jesse was great. Walked me through every step of the way and answered all my questions. Found a home and settled all within a month. And for less than the asking price. Am very happy with everything.

Daniel and Lisa Shieh

Capitol Hill 

Buying and renovating a home anywhere is an arduous process. You have to decide what needs to be done, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. You have to find good and trustworthy contractors. You have to obtain the necessary building permits. Renovating an old home in the historic district of Capitol Hill, however, is significantly more difficult, complicated by a morass of legal regulations and the very specific and tricky way 100 year old brick rowhouses must be worked on.

For my wife and I, Jesse Hagopian and his team at RE/MAX provided the experience and skill necessary to navigate this process. From the beginning, Jesse met with us and carefully educated us on the nuances of buying a home. And if all Jesse did was to take the time to walk with us through the dozens of houses we visited and skillfully crafting the offer that the seller accepted (in a competitive, multiple bid situation), he would have been an excellent real estate agent for us. After all, the market on Capitol Hill for 3-bedroom single family homes is a warzone. To have an agent who's widely trusted and respected in the community is already a huge win.

But the services Jesse provided did not end there. Not even close. From providing us with a careful list of trusted contractors, to giving good suggestions on how to budget and plan for various projects, to helping us numerous times when projects on the house went wrong, Jesse went far above and beyond what we could have reasonably asked or expected of him. To be concise (although the actual stories themselves are far longer), Jesse has helped us fix plumbing problems, heating problems, title problems, and regulatory problems. Four months after we closed, and long after he was paid for his work, Jesse is still working with us to make the house we bought a home.

As we're winding down the home renovation process and preparing to move in, I'm reminded of what Jesse told us at the beginning. He said that his business philosophy was to provide such outstanding service that he would win clients for life rather than a one-time business transaction. We have found that to be true many times over. Not only did we have an excellent business experience, we made a trusted and dear friend.  

Bill and Barb Tierney

631 Fourteenth Street, NE

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
You saved us time and hassles and made us money...truly cause for a glowing testimonial

We will celebrate tonight by watching a Winnie the Pooh DVR with our grandsons.

Have a Happy New Year!

Joan Hood

508 A Street, NE

Now that the flurry of activity surrounding the sale of my apartment building on Capitol Hill is over, I want to thank you for your excellent work in selling the property. As you probably know, I interviewed several other potential agents before selecting you. What you may not know is why I selected you over the others. Most agents simply recited generic approaches to selling real estate in general, based primarily on what is done to market a personal residence. You were unique in offering strategies specific to the business nature of this property, recognizing that the pool of potential buyers for a multi-apartment rental building is quite different from those looking to purchase a home for themselves.

I was very pleased that you located a buyer quickly, even in this sluggish market. Throughout the process, you were always available at a moment's notice. If you were away, you always made sure that one of your staff was up to speed to handle any questions or concerns that I might have.

I especially appreciate your diligent efforts to obtain the required approvals from the current tenants to allow the sale to proceed. Even though one of the tenants made this process more difficult, your counsel on how to proceed was right on the mark. I know you had to do a great deal more work to make certain that this tenant's concerns were met, but I am pleased with how it turned out in the end.

Throughout the process, you were most professional, very frank and honest in your dealings with me, and most thorough in making certain that all appropriate procedures were followed.

Many thanks for your good work! 

Abby Wright and Lee McCracken

512 13th Street, SE

Working with Tim, Tom and Jesse was a pleasure from start to finish. We were first-time home buyers, and Tim took the time to help us figure out what we were looking for and how to navigate the many steps of buying a house, from financing to inspections. Everything went more smoothly than we expected, and Tim has also been a great resource since moving into our home. 

John and Lori Larson

603 A Street, SE

My husband and I live out of state and we owned a Row house on Capitol Hill that we had been renting out. When the time came to sell, we needed someone who would work on our behalf to get the house ready and on the market. Someone whom we trusted and would work with us remotely. Tom did not disappoint us. He immediately went to work assessing what needed to be done and did not waste any time getting started. He communicated with us on a regular basis and kept us in the loop throughout the process. Tom had the house in tip top shape and on the market 5 days after the renters moved out. The house sold quickly much in part to his hard work, and Tom did an outstanding job representing our interests during contract negotiations and through to closing. I would highly recommend working with Tom Faison. 

Dominic and Maria Cirincione

1441 G Street, NE

Tim and Jesse from ReMax helped us to buy our first home. They understood what we were looking for from the beginning and helped us find the best place for our investment. Tim and Jesse helped us through every step of the process with professionalism and veteran expertise. Working with Tim and Jesse was one of the best decisions we made in our real estate search.

Ian & Jessica Talley

Capitol Hill

I would highly recommend Tom Faison Real Estate to anyone either seeking to buy or sell their home. Tom and his team go the extra mile. From pre- to post-contract, our realtor Jesse Hagopian gave us sound, thoughtful counsel. Expertly balancing our needs and the market, his insight and guidance helped us to win us a successful sales contract within three days of putting our condo on the market. On the buy-side, Jesse deftly negotiated a tough contract on our new home for an excellent price. His business acumen is complimented by his friendly nature, and his knowledge of the market doesn't prevent him from being a good listener. Thanks again!

Mark Seagraves and Laura Rogers

1241 E Street, SE

Tom Faison is the Realtor you want working for you. Whether you're selling our buying. We did both, in fact Tom helped us sell two houses and buy our dream home. We weren't the first bid, nor were we the highest bid, but thanks to Tom we were the winning bid, and now we're living in a house we never imagined we could have. Tom went above and beyond, not just showing us homes. Tom took the time, a lot of time, to make sure we saw all of our options. He was our advocate when it came to negotiations and he was like a general contractor when it we needed to fix up the houses we were selling. I doubt we'll be moving anytime soon, but if we do, Tom will be our Realtor again.

Lisa Cook-Reid

615 K Street, NE

I chose Tom  and Jesse as my realtors because, of the four agents I interviewed, he seemed most in tune with today's real estate market. After patting myself on the back numerous times for making such a good decision, I can truly say it was a pleasure to work with Tom and I highly recommend him.

My home required improvements which varied from extensive work to small tweaks to prepare the property for market. Tom did a fantastic job of managing it all: finding the right contractors, negotiating their contracts for me and then ensuring the work was done to his very high, perfectionist, standards. And after all that was done, then his "real" job started with helping me choose the right listing price, marketing the property to other agents and the public and numerous other behind-the-scene activities to prepare for the open house .

The house was on the market for one week. I received three offers and closed 35 days later for above my asking price. Now that is real estate success. Some people complain about paying real estate agent fees. Not me. Tom is worth his weight in gold.

Dana and Mahmoud Baki-Fadlallah

1133 Seventh Street, NE

Tom was more than a real estate agent; he was our partner throughout the entire home buying process. From the start, he was interested in understanding what our needs and desires were-- what we needed both functionally and emotionally in a home-- and always remained true to these. Indeed, unlike many agents, he always had our best interests in mind and never hesitated to say when a home was not for us. His advice was always spot-on, making him the trusted partner one needs when looking to buy a home.All of Tom's teammates conduct their business with the same mentality: the client is always their top priority. In the rare instances where Tom was not immediately available, Jesse, Jason or another of Tom's associates would quickly step forward to provide us with anything we needed. It is a true team operation. All were knowledgeable, trustworthy and genuinely care about their clients.

Tom was the constant joy in what was sometimes a stressful process. His humor, style and knowledge are unparalleled in the area. Any real estate agent could have helped us find a house, but Tom helped us find our house. Take it from both an experienced buyer who has just found her real home, as well as from a first-time home-buyer, Tom and his associates are gems. We would trust no one else, and would recommend their services far and wide.

Peter and Kathryn Levit

Alexandria to Capitol Hill

Peter and I had great experiences with Tom and his team in both buying our new house and selling our old. Jesse and Jason patiently worked with us for over a year while we looked for the right Hill property. Once we found it, they helped us negotiate a good price and get a few needed repairs done before moving in. And when our house in Alexandria languished on the market with the neighborhood realtor, Tom, Jesse and Jason got it sold. We love our new house and Hill lifestyle and would recommend these guys to anyone.

Thomas Barry

1003 I Street, SE

I had looked at many homes with other realtors before I met Tom Faison and his team. In our initial talk and viewing of properties I was impressed both with Tom's straightforward manner and his in-depth knowledge of the DC market and neighborhoods. These were qualities that I hadn't seen in other realtors. Tom gave me hope I could find what I wanted. 

Although I was a first time homebuyer with a lot of demands but a modest budget, Tom and his team were persistent in trying to get the right home for me. They shared insights about each property that helped me understand the pros and cons of everything we toured. In the end they were able not only to find a house that fit my needs, along the way they encouraged me to not settle for anything less than what I really wanted. When it came time to make an offer, they equipped me with realistic information about today's market and helped me negotiate a great deal. They capped it off by steering me through the maze of challenges in getting from the offer through to having the keys in my hand. I couldn't have been happier.


Ryan Loughlin, Rainbow Properties, LLC

I've done 65 transactions with Tom & his team over the past 15 years. His guidance when I am purchasing a development property on everything from margins to paint colors is perfect/flawless/right on every time. I almost always get my price, always have a smooth settlement and never have any headaches.

Dave and Jackie Warner

228 G Street, NE

In a flat market, with a baby on the way and closing on a new home looming, I didn't need someone to list my house, I needed someone to SELL my house. From staging the house, timing and pricing our entry to market, hand-cleaning that last window before the open house, to holding me to a negotiation strategy that kept me from leaving thousands of dollars on the table, Tom provided hands-on, professional care. The result? A full-price offer within days of listing and a smooth closing just a few weeks later. Thanks Tom!  

Lyric Turner, Red House Staging

As a professional home stager for many agents in and around DC, I know how important and difficult the job of getting a house to market can be. Selling a home quickly and for top dollar not only involves making the home look its best but it also requires a top-notch marketing and sales professional working on behalf of the seller. Having staged numerous listings for Tom's sellers, I have seen that he takes a very coordinated, detailed and project-minded approach to the houses he sells and the effectiveness of this approach is apparent.

Dan and Liza Tobin

1716 D Street, NE

Jesse found us the perfect first home. He's a straight-shooter who we felt we could trust to give us good advice throughout process of buying a home. Jesse was up-front with us when he thought a house was overpriced or would cause problems down the road. He showed us at least sixty houses, never seemed impatient, and made several house calls to answer new homeowner questions times even after we had moved in. We've recommended him to friends looking to buy in the DC area.


Marie Arana and Jonathan Yardley

100 Fifth Street, NE

Tom Faison represented us in the sale of our house on the Hill and the purchase of our condo on Logan Circle. From start to finish he was amazingly attuned to our tastes and desires. He found the perfect condo for us, then the perfect buyers for our house. In all dealings he was fair, honest and generous. He became not just our realtor but our friend. The next time we move, he'll be our first and only choice. 

Meg Farrall

1718 Corcoran Street NW

At such a stressful time in my life, I can't tell you how nice it was to have the condo sale/closing go so smoothly. Thanks again for all of your hard work and attention. You give real estate agents a good name.   

Klaus and Maureen Nielsen

Capitol Hill     

Thank you again for the great job you did marketing and negotiating the sale of our house on Capitol Hill this summer. With prices so volatile, we needed someone with your expertise to price the property and time the sale for the best outcome. You timed the sale and priced the property perfectly! We know we got top dollar and got all of the terms of the sale we wanted. In addition, your extra services such as storage, window cleaning, junk removal, house cleaning and staging at no extra cost was really appreciated and definitely made the house look its best. We also want to thank you for being completely accessible by phone and in person, whatever the hour, to answer our questions. As a former real estate agent myself, I know that level of service is exceptional. We want to wish you continued success and will recommend you highly to all of our friends.

Alice & Ron Martin-Adkins

438 Kentucky Ave, SE  

Tom... Thank you for guiding us through the home sale process. We never felt overwhelmed as we followed your guidance step by step. Our questions were answered without raising false hopes. Your resource people were helpful and trustworthy. Best of all, we received more than expected, on the schedule that was just right for our needs. It was the easiest move we've ever made... and a joy to work with you!

Bill and Claudia Anderson

309 E Street, NE

Thanks you for your help in finding us a house. I never dreamed it could all go so smoothly. Your cheerful confidence not only was reassuring -- but turned out to be justified. We're so pleased with the result and most grateful for your good work. 

Tria and Mark Thalman

22 Eighth Street, SE

When it came time to sell our house on Capitol Hill there was really only one person to call: Tom Faison. No one knows the Hill better. We've worked with him twice and will always recommend him.

Nicole Shank

620 Potomac Avenue, SE

You did a wonderful job of turning me from a stressed out, near hopeless house hunter into a happy and contented homeowner! You both were available at all hours to advise me and calm me down, and your in-depth knowledge of the Capitol Hill area led me to a place I never knew existed, but has since become a home I love.                        

Bob Honold

Brown's Court

Having concluded my search for the purchase of a home, I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your service, guidance and representation from start to finish.
Both your expertise and your dedication to me as your client were impeccable – and certainly much needed. I cannot imagine how difficult the process would have been without your service at every turn. You are truly experts.

I would strongly recommend Jesse Hagopian (and Tom Faison) to anyone looking for a great Realtor in DC. In fact, I already have and will continue to do so.

From finding and viewing properties, navigating the offer process, negotiating and understanding price, working through settlement, and even much needed assistance after closing - your outstanding service and knowledge have been of incredible importance and value to me.

Thank you for everything you have done, and for your continued aid to me as a new homeowner!


Bami and Sarah Sanya

1710 21st Road., N Arlington

The service we received was exceptional.  We are happy to declare that Jesse helped us in finding the right home for us. We appreciate his patience and encouragement when we sort of gave up in finding the right home.  It was very helpful in having Jesse alongside us in navigating such a difficult market as the DC housing market.  We also recognize the efforts of Tom and Tim who were happy to step in for viewings when Jesse was unavailable! Thanks to everyone at Real Estate in DC.

Scott and Angie Truesdale

1019 Florida Ave, NE

When we were selecting a realtor to partner with to sell our first home, we were focused on sales record and area expertise.  Tom Faison was the obvious choice.  From staging to pricing, to the logistics of dealing with showings around our toddler's nap schedule, Tom's instincts and guidance were spot-on. What we could have never expected that we would need was a steady counselor when we hit title issues in the days before Settlement. Striking the balance between a sounding board and a negotiation coach, Tom kept the buyers at the table throughout the delays and kept us sane.

We won't hesitate to work with Tom and his team for our next real estate transaction.

Bruce Dalcher

200 Tenth Street, SE

Anyone thinking of selling a Capitol Hill house needs to see Tom Faison’s Team. Nobody else has his keen sense of precisely where the market is, whether in terms of price, preparation, who the target market is, or any other aspect. Tom also has a top-quality crew available for everything that might be needed, from cleaning to repairs to staging. Do what Tom says – period! He has my strongest recommendation.

Sam and Maria Duval

1340 D St., NE

We had a great experience! We thought Tim was fantastic and would definitely recommend your team in the future.


Trevor and Krista Kapralos

5715 Lockwood Road

We have a very good review for Real Estate in DC. We dealt almost exclusively with Jesse Hagopian. He helped us buy our home in Cheverly, and he also helped us sell our home in DC. He responded early and often to our numerous emails. He answered every email, every question, and anticipated many questions before we could even ask them. The one time Jesse was out of town, he put us in touch with one of his colleagues, and he stepped in for Jesse while out of town. Jesse helped us through bidding on several other homes, and helped us through an "almost sale" that eventually fell apart because of a lack of a clean title. He took us to several homes, often at a moment's notice. He helped us find our home in Cheverly. He guided us through selling our house in DC (our first house sale), and provided a great deal of solid advice. Jesse's experience - and the high point in all of these transactions -was how his experience set us up for seamless sale. When the deadline for the bids had passed, we were in a very strong position, with numerous bids, including one without contingencies, and with a home inspection already completed. His experience made this process almost painless. Jesse guided us through every step of the process, and he was there when we closed on our homes. Throughout the whole process, it was clear he was interested in us buying the right house for us, and not necessarily the most expensive house. We never felt pressured to consider spending more than we were prepared to spend or to look at a house that would bring him a bigger commission - unless we wanted to look at it

Jan Walywyn

1349 C St., NE

I very much appreciated the e-mail letting me know what to expect between the ratified contract and settlement. I also appreciated the prompt responses to any questions I had. The overall experience was very pleasing and painless. I would easily recommend your services to anyone I know who is in need.

Jason and Kate Sedano

142 Kentucky Ave., SE

Our experience was really exceptional working with Tom and the entire team. Coming from California, we really relied on Tom to help beyond just finding a home. He helped us narrow our neighborhood search, as well as our search criteria. Most of our search took place from California, which required even more of Tom's time and effort, both of which he was happy to give. He was always responsive to our changes in criteria, and was incredibly proactive in sharing properties that met our needs.

The most impressive part of working with Tom came after we found the home we wanted. He helped us position our offer in the most competitive way possible, while still ensuring we got a good deal. Thanks to Tom, we got the house we wanted at a price we were happy with. Further, we knew we wanted to do some work to the house immediately.

He helped us find an architect and contractor, both of whom are familiar with our neighborhood and the historic restrictions, and both of whom have been reliable, skilled, and reasonably priced. Tom continues to be a resource for us, and we have happily referred friends to him already.