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As a buyer partnered with the Tom Faison Group, you’ll have certain advantages. Important ones. First off, you’ll be working with a team of realtors that know the Washington DC inventory. Inside and out. Fact is, we don’t only know what’s on the real estate market, we know what’s coming on the property market. Often as not, we’ve seen it, toured it, maybe even sold it before.

We know that a real estate agents availability can make a big difference in how satisfied you’ll be with the home-buying process.

"The Tom Faison Group treats each client as an individual. Serves each client as we'd like to be served ourselves."
We're not only there when you need us; we anticipate when you'll need us. The result? We're primed to act on your behalf, not just react to your concerns.

Our first task is to get your loan squared away, so you'll know what you can afford and be ready to proffer a bid when that dream house appears. Of course when it does, you’ve got decades of experience working for you to negotiate the best price. With the least hassle. In the shortest time. In a seller’s market you can’t afford to rely on a sluggish real estate agent. So the Tom Faison Group of realtors prepares you to make the right bid at the right time.