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Featured Properties

222 Tennessee Avenue NE

Price: $788,500
Year Built: 1913
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park
The description I get of an anti-flip is emotional shelter a vow of truth between ground and roof a...

337 Maryland Avenue, NE #3

Price: $496,800
Year Built: 1916
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Let there be light! And it was good, windows framing my neighborhood, my movie set, my green scene...
Under Contract

248 57th Place NE

Price: $368,500
Year Built: 1945
Neighborhood: Deanwood
Remember your first I-Phone? The package alone was a piece of art the smart parts started...
Under Contract

1801 Burke Street, SE

Price: $1,088,000
Year Built: 1936
Neighborhood: Hill East / Stadium Armory
Bring your inspector to measure for blinds, perch on the porch, eye the skies flying by, star-...
Under Contract

19 Fifteenth Street, SE

Price: $1,188,000
Year Built: 1910
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / Hill East
Take a deep breath and brace for space travel, for rocket-powered meteoric showers reportedly...