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Featured Properties

1302 Massachusetts Avenue, SE

Price: $1,096,000
Year Built: 1912
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park
A Beast, just east, of Eastern Market, a Muscle-Bound Beauty-Queen seen playing till dark, rolling...

125 Thirteenth Street, NE

Price: $838,500
Year Built: 1922
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park
Prius performance in Maserati’s body, sophisticated engineering meets sensibility with sex-...
Under Contract

112 Fourth Street, NE

Price: $1,845,000
Year Built: 1872
Neighborhood: Captitol Hill / Eastern Market
Pause, prepare, beware thin air in there, I dare you not to stop & stare, to tear your eyes...
Under Contract

315 G Street, NE

Price: $378,500
Year Built: 1927
Neighborhood: H-Street / Union Station
The first three rules of real estate: location, location, location, so close your vocation, next...

641 Morton Place, NE

Price: $658,000
Year Built: 1912
Neighborhood: Union Market / Atlas District
Bring your wish-list, your budget, a sharp pencil, don’t bend an inch, pinch pennies, insist...
Under Contract

1820 Bay Street, SE

Price: $699,000
Year Built: 1925
Neighborhood: Hill East/Stadium Armory
Whisper-quiet block rocks a total green scene, sidewalk chalk and porch swings, Hill East things,...