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“When I started selling homes 22 years ago, I would read these remarks that start off by saying, ‘This three-bedroom has a stove,’ ” Faison says. “I’ve always hated that. I feel like it’s describing the Mona Lisa as a woman with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.”


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"Living there: Kingman Park, Ward 7 and Zip code 20002, is bordered by Benning Road NE on the north, Oklahoma Avenue NE on the east, C Street NE on the south and 15th Street NE on the west.

Justin Tanner, a real estate agent with Re/Max Allegiance, said four properties are for sale, ranging from a three-bedroom, one-bathroom single-family house for $535,000 to a...

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by Justin Tanner. Buyer Agent Specialist. Real Estate in DC.

1) Despite rising interest rates, houses will continue to fly off the shelves.

If you take a look at Capitol Hill market over the past 8 years, an average of 684 homes were sold per year. In 2016 what was that number? Exactly 684. So, we are entering 2017...

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Whether you are moving for a job, more space, a nicer place, across town or cross-country, it’s stressful. I’m not saying it “can be” stressful, I’ve been through it over 2,000 times just as facilitator, and the only “can be” is that it can be brutal for me and, therefore, must be excruciating for some. Fortunately for realtors, folks soon forget pain, families get bigger and the grass keeps getting greener, so agents aren’t going to starve any time in the foreseeable future because people stop moving. And there will always be people who need to shop for their new home while they’re trying to sell their current one.

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What a year for Capitol Hill real estate. 2014 was as exuberant as any Hill market I’ve seen, and it ended with telltale signs that a high watermark may have been reached in some segments of our market.

However, there were two possible exceptions.

How to Price Your Home on the Hill

by Sponsor — November 18, 2014 at 3:15 pm 0


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In real estate, having a historical perspective on the market can help you make smart decisions. So here’s a CliffsNotes-like version of the past 24 years of Capitol Hill real estate — which should help shed light on where the market is headed.


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Real Estate agents often take poetic license with listings: light-filled patio unit means basement apartment. Tom Faison got bored writing the usual listings, and now his are mini works of art.