Meet Tim

Tim's energy, enthusiasm and love for people make him well suited for the task of helping buyers through the process... 

123 Eleventh Street, SE / Lincoln Park

Mars and Venus, aligned behind The Market, muscle and curves defining facade, a nod to the brickwork reminds me slow down, you breathe, brace for space, depth, breadth,

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There's a time in everyone's search when a light turns on...Be ready for yours.

DC Agent Attracts Buyers w/ Prose (NPR, 6/19/14)

Real Estate agents often take poetic license with listings: light-filled patio unit means basement apartment. Tom Faison got bored writing the usual listings, and now his are mini works of art.

The Sellers Edge

For a seller, The Tom Faison Group brings to the table nearly two decades of sleeves-rolled experience in evaluating pricing and marketing real estate property

Meet Jesse.

"My aim is to serve each client with patience, diligence, and expertise as they weigh their different preferences, concerns, and needs."

The Hub of The Hill

Historic Eastern Market

Jesse, Tom and Tim

Partnering, Planning, Promoting, Protecting and Producing with and for clients in The Nation's Capitol for over 20 years.

530 Ninth Street, NE UNDER CONTRACT 7 DAYS

Pack a lunch, a compass, and a trail of breadcrumbs, UNDER CONTRACT AUGUST 2014

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Meet Tom Faison

A native of North Carolina, and son of a Real Estate Broker in Greensboro, Tom recalls as a teenager prepping and maintaining his father’s active listings; mowing the grass, washing the windows, his father reminding him to shine the...

3355 Military Road NW / Chevy Chase

Smell the sound of bikes burning rubber, nights in the summer, alley full of yelling kids...

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816 G Street, SE / Under Contract Early August

Betsy Ross put on her party dress, left pie on the sill, hit the strip chasing men in uniform...

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809 Sixth Street, NW #31 / Under Contract in July

... talking location, so close your vocation, you chant at your broker, can't stand mediocre...

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Our Featured Properties

123 Eleventh Street, SE / Lincoln Park
Adams Morgan Flats
530 Ninth Street, NE UNDER CONTRACT 7 DAYS
816 G Street, SE / Under Contract Early August
3355 Military Road NW / Chevy Chase
36 Eighteenth St., SE
408 Seward Square SE #7 / Under Contract in July
105 6th Street, SE #106 / Under Contract in July
The Bay Street Condos
1716 Bay Street, SE Cap Hill/Under Contract May 14
912 K Street, NE Under Contract May 7
505 15th Street, SE / Under Contract

Properties Coming Soon

1523 Monroe Street, NE
1321 Emerald Street, NE
1219 Independence Avenue, SE
726 4th Street, NE
610 Morton Place, NE

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We have a very good review for Real Estate in DC. We dealt almost...

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