• DC Agent Attracts Buyers w/ Prose

    Real Estate agents often take poetic license with listings: light-filled patio unit means basement apartment. Tom Faison got bored writing the usual listings, and now his are mini works of art.


    There's a time in everyone's search when a light turns on...Be ready for yours.

  • 1207 I Street, NE

    H-Street / Atlas District

    Bursting the seams in your 800 foot flat, NW is where it’s at, lusting for space, loving your partner but she’s up in your face, chasing light, slightly obscured, a building...

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  • Giving Back

    A portion of each commission earned is given to local charities and non-profit organizations serving the city...

  • Under Contract

    1420 C Street, SE

    Hill East

    Absent a dogleg, the third space is enhanced, a big span of glass, a wider disposition, Rainbow Properties condition, a kitchen intervention configured to trigger total social...

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  • Victorian Enclave behind Eastern Market

    Captitol Hill / Eastern Market

    Five black Suburbans in an urban fairy-tail, Georgetown abandoned by an upscale cabinet, well-healed and roaming the softer side of...

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  • The Sellers Edge

    For a seller, Real Estate in DC brings to the table nearly two decades of sleeves-rolled experience in evaluating pricing and marketing real estate property


    What others are saying about Real Estate in DC.

  • 1616 Potomac Avenue, SE

    Hill East / Congressional Cemetery

    Fairly fond of beach-blonde hair, folding chairs, salty air, sandy feet, sweaty bottle

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Victorian Enclave behind Eastern Market
1207 I Street, NE
1616 Potomac Avenue, SE
2503 Crest Avenue
1301 20th Street NW, #213
Under Contract
1420 C Street, SE
Under Contract
720 Fourth Street, NE
Under Contract
814 Snowden Hallowell Way
Under Contract
1817 Kearny Street, NE
Under Contract
3718 Jennifer Street, NW
112 Fourth Street, NE